Dear Freshmen (2016-2017)

Dear Class of 2020,

In this post, I am going to be completely honest with you. This is no high-school-teen-drama movie. High school isn’t really what movies portray. Not everyone will pick on the freshmen, you probably won’t have to sit in the bathroom stall at lunch, and P.E. really isn’t that bad.

High school has a lot more freedom than middle school. Teachers really don’t care what you do, it’s your education at risk. There aren’t rules like “no phones allowed at lunch”, or any other outrageously dumb rule. Also, if you’re the class clown that always tries to make people laugh by getting in trouble, don’t bring it here. Many teachers don’t put up with it, and neither do the students. They just think of it as childish (in which, they’re not wrong).

High school is definitely a step up from middle school. There will be more work in many classes. Don’t expect that you’ll have a lot of time on your hands, especially if you’re taking accelerated classes. Don’t slack off in class, and think “oh, I’ll just do this later on in the quarter.” For some classes, there are due dates that you have to obey, or else it results in a zero. The more you put it off, the more assignments you’ll have, and the harder it will be to catch up and get a good grade.


Freshman of 2015-2016

P.S.- The last week of school isn’t fun in high school, it’s full of exams. Don’t expect to not come or go on vacation.


In Of Mice and Men, a character named Candy has a very old dog. The dog has a hard time walking, seeing, and smelling decent. Carlson keeps insisting that Candy should just shoot his dog, and put him out of his misery. Candy has been with the dog for all of its life, and didn’t want to shoot it. Finally, Carlson asks if he should shoot the dog himself, and Candy lets him. After, Candy is pretty depressed, and doesn’t really want to talk to anyone. It is very sad seeing a pet go, but it’s better to know that they will no longer have to be in pain, and they can rest in peace. It is all for the better of the animal, not to be cruel in any way.

Many people have to put their animals down, so they are not longer in pain. It’s hard, because they have been with these pets for a long time, and they have a loving relationship. I personally haven’t had to put down an animal, but I have had to give away animals. My dad insisted that he hated our cat, Momar (yes, it is a purposely horrible name), and we gave her away (yes, a her). He did admit that afterward, it was harder giving Momar than he thought.

My Favorite Character

My favorite person in Of Mice and Men so far is Lennie. The first reason I like Lennie is because he’s not so bright, but he is very caring. He is very caring toward George, no matter what George has said or done to him. George has made Lennie jump into the water, even though Lennie cannot swim. George has been a little mouthy to Lennie, but Lennie has never gotten upset. Lennie doesn’t let these things get in the way of their friendship.

Another reason that I like Lennie the most is because he is determined. He is always repeating what he must and must not do, to make sure the outcome can be the best. He is also determined to tend to the rabbits. He always makes George tell him how he is going to care for the rabbits. He was even threatening non-existent cats that if they touch his rabbits, then they’ll be in some trouble with him.

The last reason I like Lennie is because he is kind. He is nice to everyone, even to the people that don’t want to be bothered. He never wants to cause or “start no trouble.”

If you have read Of Mice and Men, who is your favorite character?

What Makes a Hero?

What really makes a hero, a hero? An example is the Flash, also known as Barry Allen. He is a superhero that has the ability to run faster than the speed of light. So what that he can run beyond fast? What really makes him a true hero? The Flash is truly a hero because of his selflessness, his intelligence, and being quick-witted.

One trait that makes the Flash a hero is him being selfless. No matter what mission, his ultimate goal is to save people, even if that means he gets hurt himself. In an episode called “The Flash Is Born”, Barry sees that his friend, Iris, is in danger. He must fight a meta-human made of girded steel to save Iris, before she is killed. He did take a beating once from the meta-human, but then later fights him again. Barry was willing to get beaten up again, or even killed, to protect Iris’ life. Barry did take down the meta-human, and Iris was safe.

The second trait that makes the Flash a hero is being quick-witted. This means that the Flash is able to respond quickly and effectively in situations. When Dr. Wells tries to distract Barry and the team by setting a meta-human on the loose, Barry knows he has to stop the meta-human, because it will cause much more damage than Dr. Wells could.

The last trait that makes the Flash a hero is his intelligence. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and who he can and cannot trust. Toward the end of season one, Barry and his teammates realize that Dr. Wells (his so-called savior) is actually evil, and plotting to kill Barry. Barry keeps working with Dr. Wells, trying to keep things unsuspicious. Barry and his team eventually find a trap they can use to kill Dr. Wells

In conclusion, the Flash is a true hero because of his selflessness, and putting others before himself. Another reason of why the Flash is a hero is because he is quick-witted, and knows what to do in a quick amount of time, so the maximum amount of lives can be saved. Finally, the Flash is a true hero because he is intelligent. People can’t trust a superhero that doesn’t know what they’re doing. All of these reasons save many people’s lives, and all because of one true hero.


Disclaimer: This is not just my story. This was written by multiple people in my class.

I never thought I would survive, all I remember is the pain and the blurry face. It was a foggy Tuesday morning, and all of the birds weren’t out yet. All I could see was the murky darkness of the fog. When I was walking all of a sudden there was a dark figure. I thought that my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I rubbed my eyes to discover that the “figure” had vanished, hopefully because the “figure” never even existed. I had a bad feeling about this, I should of never came here. When I turned to look back, I realized the figure wasn’t just a part of my imagination. Lots of things started to ramble inside my head, strange bickering started to erupt in my mind and imagination.I began to panic and worry as to who the figure belongs to. I was wondering is the figure would harm me. I started to become very worried. I started walking slowly then more faster looking back at my every step. Then I ran as fast as i could . I trip and fall . I try to hold in the tears but I let out a scream that sounded like I was being possessed. I had scraped my knee. I was taken away, and I thought I was a goner.

The Transition

An important moment in my life was in gymnastics, about a year and a half ago. For a long time, I was in a level that is called “x-cel,” instead of “level 3” or “level 7.”  I was an “x-cel platinum,” and the level after that was level 6. It was time for me to move up, because I had all of my skills. I had been with my coach, Allison, for three years in x-cel.

One day, I was asked if I wanted to work out one day a week with the “optional” group, (which is level 6 and up.) I was flattered that I was asked, but I didn’t really know if I should be going. I didn’t think I was good enough.

I started going every Wednesday, and I hated it. Every Wednesday, I would get a nervous feeling in my stomach, and my mouth would get dry. I barely ever talked when I was in optionals. The coaches kind of scared me, and the other girls seemed to have such a close bond already, and I felt like I was intruding. I felt like practicing with them was way too hard for me, so I just wanted to stop going. Before I knew it, the optional coach, Brian, wanted me to come on the team, full time.

I told Allison that I didn’t want to join the team, and surprisingly, she said I had to join. I was shocked. How did I have to do something I didn’t want to? Isn’t this my choice? She explained to me that I needed to go, or I would never get better. I felt my face get red, because then I realized how childish I was being. I wasn’t even trying to be part of the team, so how would I know if I really liked going or not? I was finally hearing Allison’s words. I looked over at the optional team, and finally accepted that that’s where I needed to be.

Once season started for the optionals, I was one of the best level 6’s on my team. I was usually getting top three on beam and bars at competitions. I was happy that I followed the advice Allison had gave to me. Thanks to her, I had become a better gymnast.

Week 10 Challenge

  1. I have done 9 blog posts since the beginning of October.
  2. 9/9 of my posts were school based, my own interests, or set by the challenge.
  3. I have recieved 11 comments from classmates, teachers or overseas students.
  4. My post with the top amount of comments was the “How I Celebrate My Halloween” post. I think this is because many people enjoy creative costumes, instead of just being a ghost or a witch.
  5. I liked writing the 25 things you didn’t know about me post the best. This is because it was really easy to come up with random facts about myself. What’s my favorite movie? How many siblings do I have?
  6. I did change the theme to a Halloween theme, because the challenge said to. It is still currently a Halloween theme, because I can’t figure out how to change it.
  7. I have one widget. I think one is enough, because if you have too many, then it looks messy.
  8. We have used a website kind of like of Wordle, and also



Starring my mom!

Q- What were your first impressions of the blog?

A-I was surprised that I was as open as I was, considering in real life that I’m not really that talkative.


Q- What captured your attention?

A-The topics that I wrote about.


Q- What distracted you on the blog?

A- The Halloween background in December. (I have no idea how to change it, so it’s going to stay like that for a while.)


Q- What are your suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

A- Post more often.


1) Topics that should be added are your favorite *fill in the blank* and explain why. I find challenges more fun if they’re personal, and I don’t have to research something. 

2) The most interesting challenge for me was the about me challenge. I liked writing about myself, it felt easier and more fun.

3) I visited people in my class’s blogs a lot, but not many other people. This is because other people rarely even posted.

4) I did not read the challenge flipboard magazine.

5) The challenge was a good idea! It was only hard to keep up with, because I had other work in English, along with the challenge. It was just too much.

6) The most important thing I learned in the challenge is about technology. I am horrible with computers, and this challenge had me delete widgets, changing the theme of my blog, etc.

Being an Outcast


One time that I felt out of place was at a campfire at my friend Chloe’s house. She goes to a different school, so she has a lot of different friends. I went to the campfire while all of her other friends from her school were invited, too. I felt out of place because they had so many inside jokes, and I was just sitting off to the side, listening. I couldn’t engage in anything, I didn’t know what anybody was talking about. I couldn’t really have a conversation with anyone else. I just ended going inside to play with Chloe’s younger siblings. I’m pretty sure that nobody had missed my presence. My definition of being an outcast is someone that doesn’t belong, or a person that doesn’t necessarily “fit in” with society or a certain group.


Esperanza’s POV

One time that I felt out of place is when I wanted to eat lunch at my school in the canteen, instead of walking home and eating there. That’s where all the special kids ate their lunch. When I was finished having a talk about not eating at the canteen with the Sister Superior, I was aloud to eat in the canteen. It was really nothing special. I felt like an outcast because I was crying, and all of the “special” girls and boys were staring at me. My definition of being an outcast is feeling left out. I felt so alone while all the boys and girls were staring at me, even though we were in the same room.

Banned Food

In America, cereal is the most common breakfast food. But, many cereals us Americans see in the grocery store is banned in other countries.

Rice Krispies and many other cereals are banned in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and most of Europe. This is because these cereals contain a preservative called Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA). BHA is a chemically made preservative, which is used to make food last longer on the shelf. BHA is not good for your liver to metabolize. More foods that contain BHA include crackers, snack foods, gum, etc.

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Letter to Sobelle

Dear Sobelle,

To be part of your show, was a very interesting experience. My mom asked me things like, “how was the field trip?”, and “what happened?” I could only answer one of those questions. The show was great, mom. To tell her what happened, I wasn’t really sure. What was I supposed to say?  “There were boxes all over the room that you were supposed to explore. After a while, everyone sat down on a box, and this guy in his bare feet came out, and was just staring out into space for a while. Eventually, he got on ice skates and started chopping lettuce with them. This lady emptied out her purse, and she had three pairs of sunglasses in there.”

Is there a way to explain the performance, without saying it word for word, or recording it? I personally know what the experience was like, but to explain it to someone else is mind-blowing. That’s a great power to have. You will have curious people line up and come to your show. This will be a repetitive circle, and that’s how you make business.


Thanks for the experience,